The Different Faces of a Woman’s Smile

Giving attention to one’s emotional health is also a vital part of one’s health watch. Women, in particular, are more in touch with their emotional side than men. We can even tell a lot of a woman’s emotion just by observing her smile.

It’s not like a dental clinic can gauge those emotions by placing an x-ray in front of a woman’s smiling mouth. This is much more personal than your ordinary dental checkup.

It is important for a woman to stay healthy not only on the outside, but on t he inside as well. Knowing her emotions and knowing how to deal with them is a good sign of good emotional health.



Everyone should aspire to be happy every day. When you are happy, you do not only have an uplifted emotional state but a positive mental state as well. However, even though you strive for happiness, it is important that you do not fake it in order to show people that you are feeling happy. You are only fooling yourself in the end. Strive for genuine happiness. Only you can answer that riddle as well.


ImageThere are various giveaways in a woman’s body language to support a shy smile. We usually associate small smiles as shy smiles, but it is not always that. We may observe that when a woman is shy, her eyes are lowered or averted. She also often covers her face when she smiles too.

A person who is dealing with this kind of smile from a woman should approach her cautiously. When not careful, she may close her doors and build up her walls too quickly that approaching her the next time will be difficult if not impossible.


ImageA woman is in a playful mood when she gives out a flirty smile. It does not necessarily have to be given to the male species. A teasing woman can give that smile away to anybody. This kind of smile either means that the woman is being friendly, is hitting on a person, or is just in the teasing mood.


ImageThere is only one reason why a woman gives you a sarcastic smile: you managed to get to her bad side. There are several ways to remedy that though. You can use humor to soften her mood, reason to appeal to her logic, and (would you look at that!) sarcasm to show her that you can play her game. If you choose the latter, you need a good luck.

It’s not like you will go running to a dental clinic Washington DC because of broken teeth or something. No, women play a more subtle game. A woman with a gift for sarcasm can use it in more creative ways than directly shoving it to a person’s face—like most sarcastic men do. Women are sneaky, to say the least. The game is on.


ImageA woman’s emotional range is like a roller coaster ride. It is all unexpected twists of up and down. We can always when a woman is sad because she is either crying or frowning or both. When a woman smiles though, we must not be quick in judging that as happiness.

Some smiles—even wide ones—are riddled with sadness. You can often detect that when you look into their eyes. Remember what I mentioned earlier in the article? Women are great in faking smiles. Learn how to spot the real emotions underneath.